An expertise internationally recognized

APEXO is a Canadian company founded in 2005 by Benoît Dufresne. Recognized since the end of the 80s as being a passionate, demanding, efficient and honest person, he decided to use its strengths and experience to found APEXO with the aim of creating, developing and offering the most optimal solutions of the industry. By collaborating mainly with the users on the ground, performing strategic partnership and by constantly investing in the research and development (R&D), APEXO has reached an internationally recognized reputation with its sniper solution AFS (APEXO Firing System).

The AFS is an integrated solution developed to answer sniper’s needs that were not answered by any ballistic calculators on the market. The AFS is now known as the most precise and intuitive ruggedized ballistic calculator in the world.

Besides being recognized all over the world for its ballistic and statistic expertise, for its consultation services and sniper system AFS, APEXO is guided by the passion of his founder for process optimization, which allows him to offer solutions as much in the defence and security sectors as in the industrial and commercial field.

A company which evolves with his customers

APEXO evolves according to the needs of his clients. That is why his team keeps up with the state-of-the-art technology. By this, APEXO is always able to offer to his clientele the very best on the market. The diversity of the products and services offered by APEXO continue to grow over the years without making any compromise on the quality.

APEXO ensures through its professionalism, integrity and commitment to provide his clients with innovative, customized and flawless solutions.

APEXO, expertise and quality within your reach