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Established since 2005, APEXO offers solutions to respond to your needs, no matter the type and size of your company. APEXO works as much with startup micro-companies as with rapidly growing PME.

We are then in a position to offer you efficient and quality solutions while respecting your budget.

Whether it is to develop custom-made software or to support you in maintaining and developing a solution already in place at your company, the professionalism and integrity of APEXO’s employees will give you complete satisfaction no matter the nature and the size of your project.

Furthermore, when the context of using the solutions is requiring more than a standard computer (due to rigorous weather, dust, shock, etc.), APEXO offers you a complete range of ruggedized computers meeting military standards which will get longevity and rock solid reliability.

Finally, we offer you Canadian made ruggedized cases that can be used to transport computers or different objects requiring a strong protection against shocks and rigorous weather. In order to be totally adapted to your needs to form part of your custom-made solution, these cases also have the advantage of being customizable.

Our reputation is our survival, so be assured that your satisfaction is our priority.

Do not hesitate to communicate with us, we have the solution to your needs!

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