Technical support

You already have a custom-made program for your company but need technical support to maintain it and/or making it evolve? APEXO is your solution!

Our team is capable of taking care of your solution as if you had your own IT department.

First of all, we will make a thorough analysis of your solution to master it so we are able to answer your emergency call within 24 hours. We will also be able to provide appropriate recommendations and advise you adequately if you wish to improve your solution, no matter the programming language of your existing solution.

Afterward, our unique IT support approach to companies is adapted to the reality of your company. This allows you to have access at any time to a dynamic and committed team of experts, at a fraction of the cost of having your own software developers.

Furthermore, by trusting APEXO’s team to support your in-house solution, you are certain to always have somebody available to answer your urgent matters on your software which, very often, is a key element of your in-house process.

APEXO, the support and evolution within your reach