Ballistic simulation

AFS (APEXO Firing System) – Distance within your reach

The AFS is the only real Integrated Sniper System in the world. It is much more than a targeting system or ballistic computer. It is a complete system that prepares your mission, calculates precise scope adjustments in addition to analyzing the results of your shot and managing the systems/weapons components.

The AFS has been developed using APEXO’s highly sophisticated proprietary ballistic algorithms rather than obsolete formulas found in most ballistic calculator. All bullets integrated in the AFS are deeply analysed in order to warrant precise scope adjustment and ballistic information for every computed simulation even into or over the transonic zone. It is the only ballistic system that manages internal, intermediate, external and terminal ballistics.

Unlike the competition, which needs to cheat the muzzle velocity or BC to try to fit the results, the AFS use the real projectile’s velocity, aerodynamic properties and all the other factors and phenomenon ruling the projectile’s flight. It relies on precise information from the sniper, his weapon and his cartridge instead of some generic, dated and approximate ballistic coefficients which apply for only part of the bullet’s flight.

The intuitive AFS is the sniper’s natural extension.

The AFS is the only sniper system that automatically adjusts the zero of a weapon. With the AFS, there is no need to fire significant amount of rounds at many different distances to build a correction table in a paper booklet, hoping to hit at long range. Hitting the target the first time with a clean cold barrel is effortless for the AFS.

Even if the AFS is a sophisticated sniper system that learns from its users, it has been developed to be user friendly and intuitive. No need to be a computer geek.

Some of the best police and military sniper units in the world and respected sniper ammunition manufacturers have validated and adopted the AFS.

The AFS is the Absolute Firing Solution

Whether it is the required scope adjustments, the external and terminal ballistic information or history of your system, the AFS always calculates for you everything you need to achieve your goal.

The AFS Integrated Sniper System surpasses everything on the market. It is the most precise and complete sniper solution. The intuitive AFS is a surgical precision system which should be provided to all snipers.

Synchronize your handheld PC with the main system and be ready to hit the target on your first shot.

APEXO, the distance within your reach