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APEXO offers client-oriented solutions in the realm of ballistics to respond to your needs with precision, reliability and performance . Whether you are a soldier in the field requiring a hit on target on your first shot, an ammunition or weapons technician within a commercial, governmental or research organization, software and electronics development specialist or a system integrator, APEXO has a solution for you.

Specialized in the development of custom-made solutions for the defence and security sectors, APEXO also offers consulting services in ballistics, statistics, investigation and process/product optimization for various well-known organizations.

APEXO is a Canadian company founded in 2005 by Benoit Dufresne. His deep experience and NATO recognized expertise in ballistics, statistics, ammunition development and industrialization, were used to create the APEXO Firing System (AFS), an integrated solution developed to answer sniper’s needs that were not answered by any ballistic calculators on the market. The AFS is now known as the most precise and intuitive ruggedized ballistic calculator in the world.

APEXO also offers other rugged solutions such as a wide range of ruggedized computers and Canadian made carrying cases Nanuk and Plasticase.

Whatever your vision is, APEXO has a solution for you!

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